Prof. Dr. R. VAN HEE

University of Antwerp, Belgium

•After medical Studies at the State University of Ghent (1960-1967) and ECFMG certificate (USA) in 1967, Bob Van Hee got his surgical training in Breda and Nijmegen (The Netherlands) (1967-1973) and obtained a second MD diploma at the Catholic University of Nijmegen (1973).
• He became Professor of Surgery and Medical History at the University of Antwerp, and was head of department at the Academic Surgical Center Stuivenberg (1994-2008).
• President of the Royal Medical Association of Antwerp (1987-1990), of the Royal Belgian Society for Surgery (1994), of the European Academy of Surgical Sciences (2009-2012) and of the Belgian Association for the History of Hospitals and Care (2006-2013).
• Laureate of several prizes and author of more than 400 publications, of which more than half are on medical history.
•Former editor in chief of Vesalius journal, ISHM periodical.

Prof. Dr. R. Van Hee